Marie’s Garden


Marie’s favorite past time was gardening.  She was devoted to the church and was passionate about women’s causes. When Marie passed away in November 2014 her son, Mark, wanted to do something very special in her memory around her love for flowers, religion and women’s rights. UMOM’s focus on solving barriers related to homelessness and helping families is a cause Mark is passionate about. Wanting to give back to the community and honor his mother, he decided on “Marie’s Garden”.

With the help from church volunteers and local suppliers he revamped UMOM New Day Centers’ serenity garden for families and residents of UMOM to use as a place of peace and reflection.  The community came together to create an inspirational place with the hopes that individuals will get inspired to do the same for others.  Mark states “I believe that we are called to give back to society. Let’s inspire one another.”


The garden has a new fountain, brand new benches, new gravel and flowers including Marie’s favorite, rose bushes. On the wall of the garden the plaque reads “Maries’ Garden, where peace, hope, faith and love grow.” The garden will bring peace, hope, faith and love to UMOM residents and help them cope with their situation, overcome barriers and grow through reflection.


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