The Acting Secretary for the Department of Labor visits UMOM!

The Acting Secretary for the Department of Labor came to UMOM to speak to UMOM residents who are part of our Next Step Housing and Rapid Rehousing program and other community members about the current minimum wage and what an increase would do for their lives.

All of the members at the table were minimum wage workers. They shared their struggles of living paycheck to paycheck, and others mentioned not even able to make it that far.

The Acting Secretary took notes on their concerns, and made a promise that he would share them with President Barack Obama. The Acting Secretary has been holding these round table discussions across the United States, to get feedback from workers, so that he can share his findings with the President.

DSCN1166The Acting Secretary begins the roundtable discussion.

DSCN1175A resident of our housing program talks to the media about the struggles she faces working on minimum wage.


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