Volunteer Appreciation Month

April is Volunteer Appreciation Month! Thank you to all who give their time to help individuals in our community.

At UMOM, each volunteer plays a very important role in helping us to achieve our mission. Throughout the month of April we will be recognizing individuals, organizations, and groups that have generously donated their time, passion, and talents to helping families at UMOM succeed. We’d like to take a moment to tell you about Steve, one of our many dedicated volunteers.

steve-hudson-900pxSteve has always been passionate about giving back and donating his time to helping others. “When I was young, I learned that there are many people in our community who are in need. I was taught that it was important to share my skills and knowledge with those who were less fortunate.”

Three years ago, Steve attended a volunteer activity at UMOM and was immediately hooked on UMOM’s mission to helping families in our community.  He began participating in UMOM’s weekly Read to Me program and now regularly donates his time in UMOM’s computer lab helping individuals get back into the workforce. He assists individuals with updating their resumes, using the computers, job searching, and conducts one-on-one mock interviews that help to build confidence. Steve also participates in the UMOM Speakers Bureau. He represents UMOM at various events throughout the valley and hosts tours of UMOM’s campus.

Steve is passionate about giving back and we at UMOM appreciate everything that he does for individuals and families in our programs. Thanks to Steve, individuals are feeling confident that they are getting the resources and guidance in the computer lab to help them be successful. They are more confident when walking into an interview and are excited when they find employment. “I leave here every day knowing I made a difference in the life of one person.” Thank you Steve for being a strong advocate for UMOM and making a lasting impact on families in our shelter programs!


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