Programs & Services

UMOM’s mission is to prevent and end homelessness with innovative strategies and housing solutions that meet the unique needs of each family and individual. Our programs and supportive services are all designed to help families and individual meet basic needs and work towards the ultimate goal of permanent, affordable housing. UMOM serves the community through the following programs:

Family Homeless Shelters Providing homeless families with shelter and support with the Emergency Shelter Program, Extended Shelter, and Veterans Transitional Living Programs.
Permanent Housing Housing specialists work with all UMOM families to obtain permanent, affordable housing.  UMOM provides affordable housing across the Valley as well as Rapid Re-Housing. g.
Veterans Programs The Supportive Services for Veteran Families (SSVF) program helps at-risk families avoid homelessness, and an extended shelter program is available for families experiencing homelessness.
Domestic Violence Assistance Providing emergency shelter and support for women seeking alternatives to dangerous relationships and living situations.
Watkins Basic Needs Shelter Providing emergency shelter for single women and families.
Supportive Services  Families have access to on-site services that help them acheive their case plan goals and end their homelessness.
Wellness Center Licensed medical clinic operated by Phoenix Children’s Hospital providing full medical care for all UMOM residents under 26 years of age.  Wellness Education Programs are provided to all residents. Healthcare for the Homeless provides wellness services for residents over the age of 26.
Child Development Center Licensed, accredited child care for all UMOM resident children between 6 weeks and 5 years of age.  After school programs also available for school-age children and teenagers.

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