Shelter Programs for Families

UMOM New Day Centers focus is to end family homelessness with innovative strategies and housing solutions. UMOM accepts two-parent families, teenage boys (age 12 and older), single fathers with children, single mothers with children, legal guardians and non-traditional heads of households (i.e. grandparents), and those trying to overcome substance abuse.

At UMOM we offer two types of shelter programs, an Emergency Family Homeless Shelter Program and an Extended Family Homeless Shelter Program. While in the programs, families and individuals work with Family Support Specialists and Housing specialists to address their multiple barriers to housing. They also have access to supportive services including education training, substance abuse classes, job-training programs, the child development center, a wellness center, and much more.

The average length of stay in the Emergency Family Homeless Shelter is 90 days, but if necessary families can stay up to 120 days. The average length of stay in the Extended Family Homeless Shelter is 247 days, but do provide longer-term housing for the most vulnerable families for up to 24 months.