Supportive Services


Families become homeless for many reasons, including unemployment, underemployment, lack of affordable housing, substance abuse, and health or mental health issues. Many experience a combination of these factors. Most of the adults have limited education and job skills.

UMOM offers supportive services and programs tailored to the specific needs of each individual and designed to help families regain housing and achieve a greater level of independence.

Services for Adults Include: 

  • Case Management - a trained family support specialist works with each family to develop and maintain a case plan that will lead to permanent housing.
  • Workforce Development programs such as:
    • Educational Services such as referrals to GED tutoring and testing and college enrollment support.
    • Employment Training with an on-site Employment Coordinator, a Job Specialist and a Retention Job Specialist from Arizona Women’s Education and Employment (AWEE).
    • Homegrown Food Services & Barista Training Program 
  • Housing Assistance - our trained Housing Specialists work with each family to address and overcome housing barriers.
  • Health Care and Wellness Programs -  includes two Healthcare for the Homeless medical clinics each week and multiple wellness programs and classes such as smoking cessation and weight management through the Wellness Center.
  • Spiritual Offerings in our non-denominational Chapel.  Completely voluntary, these services, bible studies, and Sunday School programs offer residents spiritual opportunities if they choose to participate.


Young children are innocent victims in the crisis that have left their family without a home. Often these children have not had a stable residence for most of their lives and have a history of poor school attendance and academic performance.

Programs for Children Include: