A Second Chance at Childhood | National Week of Housing Action

natl housing week graphic day 4

Mandy and her children were the very first family to move into UMOM’s Parsons Village. Here over the past four years they’ve built a life that Mandy never believed would be possible.

Her son Daniel was only 3 years old when they arrived. Parsons Village is all he knows—and he loves it. The now-7-year-old loves going swimming with his friends, playing games on the computers and Xbox at the community center, and attending the weekly chess club meetings put on by volunteers.

Her 13-year-old daughter Hannah is like any teenager—this summer she’s been staying up all night and has an obsessive knowledge of all things Gilmore Girls. She’s happy that her family is closer than ever after years of uncertainty and fear.

Mandy spent years of hopping from place to place and falling through every loophole possible when it came to getting help and support for employment, housing and child care. Now her family’s current situation is a dream. Affordable housing at UMOM and the supportive staff and services available have given her opportunities small and large. For the first time ever, everyone has their own bedroom. They can throw family movie mornings and debate which Star Wars movie is the best. In a way she couldn’t for years, Mandy says she now can finally, finally just gets to be a mom.

The National Low Income Housing Coalition is organizing a National Week of Housing Action from July 22-29 to call attention to those struggling to make enough money to have a place to call home. Read more about UMOM’s housing efforts here, and make a gift to support a family’s dream of permanent housing here.

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